Sanguine Shavette Cut Throat Razor Review

I’ve been beardy for ages, mostly out of laziness. I’d tidy it up with a series of bear trimmers, basically which ever one I could find the charger for. I’d tried to let it grow out a little but it was looking a bit too hobo.

It needed serious response. I din’t want to lose too much of the beard so I went along to my local generic barber for a bit of a tidy up. They went mad but ended up looking reasonable.

This was the first time I’d ever gone for an official beard trim rather than my own sheep shearing approach.

One thing I had expected was them to tidy up the edges with a cut-throat razor. And that triggered a thought I’d had in the back of my mind about trying one out.

Cue a convoluted research process, who knew so much variety was out there.

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Curing Classified Websites SEO Woes – My Presentation at #ICMANice

More conferences should be like those organised by the ICMA, there’s in great locations and are all about sharing ideas rather than just one person standing up and giving a speech. So I was hugely chuffed to be asked by Shay to talk at their latest event after my talk in Vienna went down well. It did mean I missed the Royal Wedding though!

Below is a Slideshare of the presentation and there is an audio version coming soon to the podcast, so you should sign up as a subscriber to that to here.


And with a bit of luck in a few days I might stitch together the audio and the presentation to make a video, howvery 2.0 of me!


P.s are you a conference organiser? Or putting on a training event? You should ask me to attend…

Is Search Marketing too Inward Looking for it’s Own Good?

I was fortunate enough recently to be invited to a internet marketing event held in Zagreb by the knowledgeable guys at Best Marketing. While I did my usual spiel talking about the big changes at Google over the last year or so, you know the ones we’re always hand wringing about and discussing ad-infinitum on our search blogs. Though the crowd was receptive watching sessions from Creative Agencies also in attendance it really struck me how our inward looking attitude does us know favours.
Mirror view

Hands up, I’m one of the worst culprits at BrightonSEO I organised two panel debates, one about ethics and one about SEO’s future, these aren’t the kind of talks that are going to present an image of an outward looking collaborative industry. (To be honest I knew this when arranging them but thought some opinionated healthy debate would be good for the day’s energy.) Continue reading “Is Search Marketing too Inward Looking for it’s Own Good?”

Everything I do to build links should make the web a better place, if not I am a parasite.

Everytime I ask someone to link to a piece of content, retweet a page
or vote on a social site I have made a deduction from my karma bank
account, by the end of the month I should always be in credit.
Pill bug
Something amazing attracts great links and something average doesn’t
attract anything, so amazing is the very least I should be aiming for.

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