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I build links for a living, over the years I’ve built hundreds, maybe even thousands of links. I spend my working hours developing relationships, creating content and reaching out to people with the sole purpose of achieving better search engine results.

Like anyone who dedicates themselves to a cause, I wanted to capture and share all that I had learned to make peoples’ lives easier but also to show off and say to people “have you read my book?”

This document contains every link building method I’ve ever used, those I thought would be great but never pulled off and every idea I could shamelessly copy. While writing it became apparent there was a perfect link builder…

I started to imagine this talented individual and even gave them a name - Clockwork Pirate.

So if you download my free book you’ll get the most comprehensive guide to building links for SEO and social media traffic ever written, but you’ll also get the opportunity to judge whether you have the wiles and follow through to call yourself a Clockwork Pirate.

- Kelvin Newman

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I have a confession to make; I told a little porky pie – although the book isn’t going to cost any money to download, it will require a little social capital… To get access to the book I ask that you Tweet about it on Twitter or share it on Facebook. To make it happen all you need to do is click the button above.


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