Kelvin Newman is the author of Clockwork Pirate and feels a bit of a tit referring to himself in the third person. So back to first person…

In my day job I work for one of the UK’s most respected digital marketing agencies SiteVisibility as Marketing Director but am better known for my role in the Internet Marketing Podcast, which has over the last five years become the most listened marketing podcast on iTunes in the English speaking world. Over half a million downloads and over 17k listeners per show.

I also run the crazy popular conference series #brightonseo and talk at any event with a projector and free nibbles. i.e. SMX, A4U etc.

And when I’m not pretending to be a self-facilitating media node I like to watch pro-cycling, annoy my wife with un-needed gadgetry and take my son and daughter on adventures.

This blog isn’t really about the day job stuff, it’s about the hobby, gadget and technology stuff. I try it, tell you about it and link to places you can buy it. If you do buy it, I do sometimes (but not always) get a little kick back. That’s never why I write about things, but it does help pay for running the website.

If you want to get in touch me you can either message me on Twitter or by emailing kelvinshuffle@gmail.com