Estes Riptide Basic Model Rocket Review

Maybe it’s all to do with those people landing a probe on a comet but I finally went out and bought a model rocket “for the kids”.

After a bit of research I went for a basic package from for the Estes Riptide. It’s got terrible reviews on on Amazon but was really highly recommended on the Model Rockets sites.

One thing to note although the rocket itself was much cheaper than I had expected the delivery wasn’t cheap. There’s a good reason though, the engines (aka the bit that explodes and makes it goes up in the air) have to be sent by a courier.

Initially I was sceptical, but when my next door neighbour signed for this package it made a bit more sense.

Estes Riptide Engine

Estes Riptide Engine


They already take in plenty of weird packages for us, but this did get a few stranger looks.

I had to wait a couple of weeks for the free time/decent weather overlap. But eventually we got there. Maybe ten minutes to put it together.

The only slightly tricky thing was the launcher. You have to put a “key” into a slot and then press it down really hard then press a second button.

When we launched it was amazing. I can feel a new addiction coming on.

Here’s a little video of me getting a bit over excited.


If you want to buy from amazon here’s the details though you’d still need to get your hands on some kind of propulsion!

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