Everything I do to build links should make the web a better place, if not I am a parasite.

Everytime I ask someone to link to a piece of content, retweet a page
or vote on a social site I have made a deduction from my karma bank
account, by the end of the month I should always be in credit.
Pill bug
Something amazing attracts great links and something average doesn’t
attract anything, so amazing is the very least I should be aiming for.

I believe quality is always more important than quantity.

Links are a natural part of the way the web works, my job is to make
that natural process happen more easily.

Link building that happens in the absence of an understanding of the
overall business strategy isn’t link building it’s spam.

I am working to help a website attract links naturally, my role is a
catalyst to make that process happen more effectively.

Approaches and tactics will go in and out of fashion what lasts is
genuine relationships built on trust and respect.

If anyone, rightly or wrongly, accuses me of spam I have taken an
inappropriate approach and need to reset my barometer.

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