The Book

A while back I wrote a book about my day job at the time as an SEO link-builder, and how I did that job.

At the time I built links for a living, over the years I’ve built hundreds, maybe even thousands of links. I spent my working hours developing relationships, creating content and reaching out to people with the sole purpose of achieving better search engine results.

Like anyone who dedicates themselves to a cause, I wanted to capture and share all that I had learned to make peoples’ lives easier but also to show off and say to people “have you read my book?”

The document (calling it a book was probably overkill) contained every link building method I’ve ever used, those I thought would be great but never pulled off and every idea I could shamelessly copy.

At the time it was a really popular resource and lots of people told me it really helped them do their job a little bit better.

But time has moved on and so has link building and SEO. A lot of the advice in the book is now a little dated. So I’ve taken it down.

I really ought to take the time to update it but at the moment that’s some time away.

So thanks for the interest but I can’t help you on that front.

What I can do is recommend some other resources.

These are proper books you can buy printed on paper and everything. They’re not specifically about link building but trust me they’ll be much more help than most books about SEO.


- Kelvin Newman