Sanguine Shavette Cut Throat Razor Review

I’ve been beardy for ages, mostly out of laziness. I’d tidy it up with a series of bear trimmers, basically which ever one I could find the charger for. I’d tried to let it grow out a little but it was looking a bit too hobo.

It needed serious response. I din’t want to lose too much of the beard so I went along to my local generic barber for a bit of a tidy up. They went mad but ended up looking reasonable.

This was the first time I’d ever gone for an official beard trim rather than my own sheep shearing approach.

One thing I had expected was them to tidy up the edges with a cut-throat razor. And that triggered a thought I’d had in the back of my mind about trying one out.

Cue a convoluted research process, who knew so much variety was out there.

Basically they seem to come into two type, proper ones with proper knife like edge that you need to carefully hone and look after and what’s known as a shavette. Basically if you’re at all into a cut-throat razors then shavette’s are a cop-out. Not the real thing at all. They come with replaceable blades, and much more manufactured. Not the hand crafted artisan-ness of a proper straight edged razor.

But rather than costing a north of a hundred pounds they start at a tenner. Given that a cut-throat razor has “use once and never again” written all over it, and the fact I was only planning to tidy up the edges of the beard, I went for the cheap options.

Seemed lots of options on the old eBay and Amazon, largely no ‘brands’ to speak of. In the end I used the decision process of which was on Amazon Prime, which came with the most included blades and which was cheap but didn’t look it.

I ended up with Sanguine Wood Shaving Razor┬áit came with a decent number of the replaceable blades and ‘snazzy’ pouch and a wood rather than plastic handle. Cause wood’s better than plastic right? It seems nice and basic and great for the “beginner”.

Following day it arrived. Breaking the blades in half was a little daunting but not difficult. Getting the replaceable blade in place took a couple of minutes faffing, but having done it once it’ll take seconds next time round.

Using it I was reasonably pleased, a ‘proper’ one might work better but on the first use I didn’t cut or kill myself, which I consider a good outcome.

But it’s sharp, cuts facial hair like you expect and feels infinitely more manly than a mach-3 or whatever they’re call them nowadays.

If you’re thinking about trying out a cut throat razor for less than a tenner delivered next day I don’t think you can go to far wrong.

I’d still love real one, I’m watching a few new ones made by hobbyists on eBay that don’t seem to bad a deal. If I buy one in a moment of weakness I’ll let you know!

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